Multi-Country 2021: Dr Neil Stanley | Sleepstation

Delegate: Dr Neil Stanley

Affiliations: Director Of Sleep Science, Sleepstation

Short Bio: Neil is an independent sleep expert, involved in sleep research for more than 38 years. He started his career at the Neurosciences Division of the R.A.F. and later became Director of Sleep Research at the University of Surrey. He has published 38 peer-review papers. He joined Sleepstation in 2019, advising our team and lecturing on various aspects of sleep to healthcare professionals, companies and members of the public.

Activity: Sleepstation 24 Hour Sleep Lecture One Sleep Expert 24 Hours 39 Years’ Experience 2,000 Slides GMT — midnight March 18 to midnight March 19. Sydney — 11am March 19 to 11am March 20. New York — 7pm March 18 to 7pm March 19. Los Angeles — 4pm March 18 to 4pm March 19.

Location: London/Sydney/New York/Los Angeles

Date of Activity: GMT — midnight March 18 to midnight March 19. (see global times/dates above)