Multi-Country 2021: Charlie Oulton | SleepHubs Ltd.

Delegate: Charlie Oulton

Affiliation: SleepHubs Ltd.

Short Bio: With our dedicated team of International Sleep Experts, SleepHubs can assess, diagnose and treat any sleep issue including Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Chronic Insomnia. The SleepHubs Check-Up is a free, groundbreaking tool to quickly and easily assess whether or not you have a sleep problem.

Activity: Find out how well you sleep in just 1 minute with the SleepHubs Check-Up – a short, free online quiz at 3 Week Sleep Better Online Course – special offer for World Sleep Day, just £19 instead of £69. 6 Week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia – 50% off for World Sleep Day. Both courses are online and begin on 22nd March 2021.

Location: Online

Date of Activity: 22nd March

Submitted by: SleepHubs