Multi-Country 2021: Bekki Early | Equinix

Delegate: Bekki Early

Affiliation: Equinix

Short Bio: I have been a passionate wellbeing enthusiast for 30+ years and currently serve as a Global Wellbeing Program Manager on the Community & Belonging team at Equinix. I am on a mission to create a culture of health, improve employee wellbeing, and make business more human.

Activity: I will be facilitating two Sleep Workshops on Friday, March 19 in the Asia-Pacific and EMEA/Americas time zones to deliver healthy sleep tips to improve one’s life. In these informative and interactive workshops, we will discuss the facts and actionable steps needed to change our sleep habits and improve our social and emotional wellbeing, work performance, mood, and day-to-day life.

Location: Virtual / Global (offered in all three regions: Asia-Pacific, EMEA, Americas)

Date of Activity: 19-Mar-21

Submitted by: Bekki Early