Multi-Country 2021: AmLife International

Delegate: Mr. Lew Mun Yee

Affiliations: Am Life International Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

Short Bio: AmLife commenced its sleep healthcare business in 2014. The company has pioneered the combination of a bedding equipment with Japan’s state-of-the-art technology to tap and expand the unlimited potential of the sleep healthcare market by providing a brand-new health solution for the daily use of a modern-day community. AmLife committed in promoting sleep health activities in the past few years, in order to create awareness to the public; sleep plays an integral part of health. World Sleep Day is a major event held by AmLife every year.

Activities: This year we have make many different, we organize world sleep month instead of only world sleep day. we organize online virtual WSD, and we also cooperate with third party, NASOM(National Autism Society of Malaysia) to support the Autism children who cannot sleep well.

Sign up to attend:

Specially invited TWO International Sleep Experts to share with you
If you are facing the following problems in your child’s growing process, you must set aside 2 hours to learn from the two experts.

Don’t want your child to lag behind others?
Devastated when children don’t sleep at night. . .
Sleep Deprivation affects the child’s brain development and physical & mental health.
Wish the body immunity wins over the emerging epidemics.
Your child overuse electronics before bedtime and affect their sleep?
Want to improve your and your family’s sleep disorders.

Dr. Lourdes Delrosso is HERE
To Meet You First

Did you know that children of different ages have various sleep needs?
What health risks will the children face if they can’t sleep well? Will it affect their brain development? Or are they restless on the bed?

Real Patient Testimonies Sharing
Only by ensuring the Quality of Sleep and Deep Sleep, the hormones and bodily functions can be in their best state and further improved the immune system.

Your participation can raise money for the Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)
AmLife will donate RM5 for every LIVE FB view* on 14th March. The funds raised will help NASOM children with autism to obtain special education and care.

*based on highest view during live broadcast.