Multi-Country 2020: Phillipa Thorn / Oventus Medical

Delegate: Phillipa Thorn

Affiliations: Oventus Medical

Short Bio: Oventus Medical offers a unique treatment platform for sufferers of sleep apnea and snoring, to improve quality of life. The O2Vent® Optima provides welcome relief to people unable to tolerate CPAP therapy. This lightweight oral device has a built-in airway that allows air to reach the back of the throat while people are sleeping, even in the presence of nasal obstruction. The O2Vent® Optima is available in the USA, Canada and Australia via a newly developed collaborative Sleep Physician/ Dental ‘lab in lab’ model that streamlines patients’ access to treatment. Visit

Activity: Oventus Medical staff are trying to promote the importance of a good night’s sleep via social media activities, including images of staff wearing sleep masks. We will be posting this image, WSD logos, WSD blogs with tips for a good night’s sleep and statistics on sleep and sleep apnea to our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We have added the WSD logo to our website, and product ordering site.

Location: Brisbane Australia, USA and Canada

Date of Activity: 13 March 2020

Submitted By: Phillipa Thorn