Multi-Country 2020: Leila Arndt / Ecolab Ltd.

Delegate: Leila Arndt

Affiliations: Ecolab Ltd.

Short Bio: I am a Senior Safety, Health and Environmental Manager (Supply, Chain Europe) with Ecolab Ltd. As part of my role I am also the Health and Wellbeing Program Manager for Supply Chain Europe. I am joined by over 35 Health Ambassadors from throughout our Supply Chain in Europe, at both our manufacturing plants and office locations, who together are promoting the importance of sleep in recognition of World Sleep Day.

Activity: For World Sleep Day 2020 we prepared a campaign pack that could be utilised by our associates, including a presentation on “Better sleep, better life, better planet”, videos and posters (available in multiple languages).
During the week surrounding World Sleep Say 2020 our Health Ambassadors promoted and shared these materials with their teams locally. Unfortunately due to the current COVID-19 situation, our approach had to change and most of the materials were circulated using email, team sites, visual display screens and on site notice boards etc. Some examples are from our teams in Tesjoki (Finland), Maribor (Slovenia), Barcelona (Spain) and Krakow (Poland).

Location: UK/Europe

Date of Activity: 13th March 2020

Submitted By: Leila Arndt