Multi-Country 2019: Yarrow Medical Holdings Pte Ltd

Delegate: Yarrow Medical Holdings Pte Ltd

Short Bio: Yarrow Medical Holdings has since been considered a leading local manufacturer and supplier of medical disposable consumables.

Our company assembles high quality consumables that are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres and clinics.

Our products range from single devices to component devices. Our component devices are assembled in conjunction with renowned medical brands such as Halyard, Bbraun and Stericln.

Yarrow believes in local assembly aimed at reducing shipping costs as well as providing the latest products. We pride in endorsing the persona of a solution provider, allowing for our customers to freely select products of their choice while packaging it into customized packs and sets. While our product quality is assured by ISO standards, our customer service delivery is assured through the provision of on time sterilisation and delivery.

Activity: Online Infographics about Healthy Sleep, Healthy Living:

Location: Online

Date of Activity: 15 March 2019

Submitted By: Elly