Multi-Country 2018: AM Life

Delegate: LEW MUN YEE


Short Bio: AMLIFE established its sleep healthcare business in 2014. AMLIFE has pioneered the combination of bedding equipment and Japan’s state-of-the-art technology to expand the unlimited potential of the sleep healthcare market, providing a brand new health solution for modern-day people, which they can use every day. As an organization that cares for its community, AMLIFE has launched a nationwide health program that helps people tackle the problem of ageing from its root, rendering the body more dynamic and rejuvenated. AMLIFE strives to incorporate the healthcare concept into the daily lives of the Malaysian households using the “easy to use” and “ultimate winning” marketing strategy. It has developed a number of popular high-tech products surrounding the “sleep healthcare” concept with sustainable operation as its fundamental development philosophy, building a competent market surveillance team and brand operations team to significantly boost the Company’s brand awareness.

Activities: Organized FOUR World Sleep Day events in FOUR countries: Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Taiwan-500 attendees
Topic1: Common Sleep Disorders and Treatments by Ning-Hung Chen,M.D.
– Director, Sleep Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
-Director, department Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
-President of Asian Society of Sleep Medicine(ASSM)
-President of Taiwan Society of Sleep Medicine(TSSM)

Topic2: Sleep Expert Teach You How to Sleep Well by Chia-Shuo Wu
– Clinical Psychologist , The Sleep Medicine Center and Department of Psychiatry, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
-President of Taiwan Association of Mental Health Development

Topic3: Create health from Sleep by Wen-Shen Liang,M.D.
-Attending physician of Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine in E-Da Hospital

In addition, we also invited Taiwanese actress, Daisy Fong became our World Sleep Ambassador, to promote the important of sleep to public.

Media Exposure:

FTV news:

USTV news: Daisy Fong, Ambassador of World Sleep Day, Promote the Importance of Sleep Insomnia affects overall health Sleep insufficiency leads sleep disorder Disrupted sleep increase the risk of cancer Stress leads to insomnia, 4B steps help you sleep well Sunbath help you sleep well at night

Indonesia-150 attendees
Topic:To Sleep or Not to Sleep by Dr. Fidiana
Neurology Department of Airlangga University Hospital Surabaya & Dr. Sutomo Hospital Malang.
-Intensive Sleep Course King Chulalongkom Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.
-Indonesian Practitioner Medicine Association.
-Indonesian Neurological Association sub studies of Sleep Disorders.
-Indonesian Society of Sleep Medicine.

Published Date: 12 March 2018

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Published Date: 01 April 2018

Singapore-160 attendees
Topic: Consequences of Circadian Disrupted Sleep on Mental and Physical Health by Dr. Laura Palagini M.D.,PhD
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pisa, Italy
• Psychiatrists, University Psychiatric Unit Ii, Department Of Clinical And Experimental Medicine, University Of Pisa, Italy, Azienda-ospedaliero-universitaria Pisana, Pisa,italy.
– Coordinator Of The Sleep Disorders Outpatients Clinic
• Member Of The Board Of The Italian Association Of Sleep Medicine (Aims)
• Specific Topic Of Research: Sleep Disorders, Dreaming And Psychopathology, Sleep Disorders And Somatic Disorders, Metacognition And Insomnia, Stress And Vulnerability To Insomnia
• She Received Phd (2004) In “Molecular, Functional And Metabolic Exploration Of Nervous System”- University Of Pisa.
• Dr. Palagini Has Done As A Research Assistant In Department Of Psychiatry From University Of Davis, California In 1999. She Achieved Her Degree In Medicine And Done Residency In Psychiatry From University Of Pisa.
• Dr. Laura Palagini Is Serving As An Honorary Reviewer For Reputed Journals And Has Authored Several Articles Along With Chapters In Different Books Related To Sleep, Sleep Medicine, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disorders.

Dr Laura Palagini, a doctoral sleep medicine expert from the University of Pisa, Italy, has 30 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine. She is a psychiatrist and also an important member of the World Sleep Society.
Dr Laura was invited to Singapore for the opening of Amlife World Sleep Day in 17.03.2018 and shared the global sleep crisis with the Singaporean. According to her, Singapore’s insomnia accounts is 44% of the total population of the country, Malaysia has 35%, and Europe accounts for 28%. This is due to the different life styles of Asian and Europeans.

Malaysia-1000 attendees
Topic1: Consequences of Circadian Disrupted Sleep on Mental and Physical Health by Dr. Laura Palagini M.D.,PhD
Topic2: Say no to Poor Health and Need for Care by Dr. Koyabu Miki
Japan General Medical Consultation / International Traditional Chinese Physician
• Electric potential thermotherapy expert.
• General Medical Consultation: With the foundation of Western Medical included various complementary and alternative medical treatments to provide comprehensive recommendations.
• Study Chinese traditional medicine at the University of Chinese Medicine and hold the Chinese medicine qualification of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.
• Professional:(Traditional Chinese physician in immunology) and (Traditional Women’s Science.)
• Speech content:
1. The role of “therapy device” in General Medical.
2. The essential roles of “sleep” and “eat” to sustain the foundation of human life.

Download the AmLife Sleep Survey Infographic.

Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia

Dates of Activities:
10th March 2018-Taiwan
11th March 2018-Indonesia
17th March 2018-Singapore
15th April 2018-Malaysia

Submitted By: WAINAN LEW

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