Morocco 2022: Pr Mohammed ELBIAZE | Sleep Medicine Universitary Center of Fes Morocco

Delegate: Pr Mohammed ELBIAZE

Affiliation: Sleep Medicine Universitary Center of Fes Morocco

Short Bio: Professor in pulmonology and sleep medicine
Faculty of medicine pharmacy and dental medicine of Fes Morocco
Mohammed Ben Abdellah University Morocco
ERESS research laboaratory
Director of Sleep Medicine Universitary Center of Fes at hassan 2 universitary hospital
Director of “arabic health review”
Member of American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Member of Moroccan Society of Sleep and Vigilance

Activity: We organized 17 mars 2022 a day on the theme of obesity and sleep disorders at the disease diagnosis centre at the University Hospital of the Hassan 2 University Hospital in Fez.
We established a small questionnaire to assess sleep disorders among visitors to the centre.
We created an interactive focus group about obesity and monitoring obesity in patients at the centre who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or other sleep disorders and who are obese. In this group, sleep specialists and a nutritionist answered the participants’ questions.
We have also shown a continuous video that talks about sleep-disordered breathing and the diagnostic and therapeutics, particularly obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Our activity lasted one day with the possibility for visitors of sleep problems to consult the university sleep medicine centre of Fes.
I intervened in a live television report during the television news of the Moroccan national channel on the occasion of the World Sleep Day

Location: Hassan 2 Unversitary Hospital centre of Fes

Date of Activity: 17 mars 2022

Submitted by: Mohammed ELBIAZE