Mexico 2019: Maritza Sandoval Rincón

Affiliations: Unidad de Trastornos del Movimiento y Sueño, Hospital General Ajusco Medio

Short Bio: Psychiatry, sleep medicine specialist.

Activity: Presentation in hospital aimed to Health preffesionals.
Topic World Sleep Day focus on Healthy sleep, healthy aging.
Application of Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index to participants.

Results: We found. 92.8% of poor sleepers
Medicine education aimed to general population
Distribution of flyers with sleep higyene content
Application of a polisophnography in real time on a voluntier in order to explain the prosees and utility of this study
Screening of participants searching sleep disorders, in case of detection the patient was accepted in Sleep disorders department forspecialiced attention.
Speech at a Down Syndrome Association for general public.

Location: México City

Date of Activity: 15th March

Submitted By: Maritza Sandoval Rincón