Mexico 2018: Matilde Valencia-Flores & Montserrat Reséndiz-García

Delegate: Matilde Valencia-Flores & Montserrat Reséndiz-García

Affiliations: Sleep Disorders Clinic, UNAM and INCMNSZ

Short Bio: Head of Sleep Disorders Clinic, INCMNSZ
Coordinator of Master in Sleep Disorders, UNAM
Professor of Posgraduate School, UNAM

Activity: March 16, 2018
Information to the ambulatory INCMNSZ patients regarding sleep disorders.
Presentation of video: sleep complaints and specialists opinion
Creation of the game named by us dream marathon with questions for children and adults about sleep habits
Lectures on circadian rhythms, sleep and health addressed to health personnel and patients in the main INCMNSZ auditorium:
Circadian rhythms and their relevance in sleep medicine and health. Dr. Raúl Aguilar Roblero, Institute of Cellular Physiology, UNAM.
Molecular and epigenetic control of circadian rhythms. Dr. Lorena Aguilar Arnal, Institute of Biomedical Research, UNAM.
Circadian therapies as antidepressants. Dr. Ricardo Orozco Solís. National Institute of Genomic Medicine.
March 18, 2018
Bicycle ride and information tent which stood at the Glorieta de la Palma, Paseo Av. Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City.
Video authors:
Demian Gil Aldeco, Thesis of Bachelor, UNAM
Estefanía Torres Sánchez, Student of Sleep Disorders Master, UNAM
Gabriela Gaytan Cervantes, Thesis of Bachelor, UNAM
Gabriela Menchaca, Thesis of Bachelor, UNAM
Kenya Morales, Student of Sleep Disorders Master, UNAM
Montserrat Reséndiz García, MSc. Investigator at INCMNSZ
Rafael Cuellar, Sleep Disorders Master, UNAM
Silvia Espinoza López, Student of Psychology, UNAM
Victoria Santiago Ayala, Msc. Investigator at INCMNSZ
Matilde Valencia Flores. Head of Sleep Disorders Clinic, INCMNSZ
Montserrat Reséndiz García, MSc., Investigator at INCMNSZ

Location: México, D.F

Date of Activity: March 16 and 18, 2018

Submitted By: Matilde Valencia Flores, Montserrat Reséndiz García