Mexico 2018: Guadalupe Terán

Delegate: Guadalupe Terán

Affiliations: Mexican society for research and sleep medicine/Sleep disorder clinic

Short Bio: Psychologist with PhD in Biological and Health Sciences. President of the Mexican society for research and sleep medicine. Coordinator of the sleep disorder clinic. UAM. Autonomous Metropolitan University

Activity: We did an event for the general public, where were give informative talks, and we had stands to evaluate sleep disorders.
The intention was to inform through dynamics and playful activities, besides doing clinical evaluations through scales and questionnaires. There was a 2 hour of an informative event with high level specialist teachers about the importance of sleep an the conmemoration of World Sleep Day.

Location: Mexico City, Jardín Hidalgo. Coyoacán.

Date of Activity: March 15

Submitted By: Guadalupe Teran PhD