Mexico 2016: Adrian Martinez Fernandez

Delegate: Adrian Martinez Fernandez

As the “World Sleep Day”Slogan says “Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”, we aimed to evaluate sleep in a community center for independent elderly called CENDAMI located in Coyoacan, Mexico City , and what we found was that poor sleep quality and complaints of insomnia and sleep apnea symptoms, were present more often than we expected, so we decided to display an educational program focused on the changes of sleep in the elderly and sleep hygiene, also as we evaluated all sleep symptoms, we were able to start home sleep apnea tests and we are trying to get a company to help us get more sleep test and CPAPs.

We asked today to write down whatever came to their minds when they hear or think about sleep, and found very interesting answers.

I had the fortune to meet the persons in charge of this community center, Carmen and Lucemi and volunteer MD Montserrat Fernandez, persons that are very committed in every sense to these persons.

Location: Coyoacan Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Date: February 23, 24, March 1, 2,18 (2016)


Submitted by: Adrian Martinez
Short Bio:
MD, Psychiatrist and sleep Medicine