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Delegate: Beacon Precision Diagnostics

Affiliation: Global Precision Diagnostics

Short Bio: Beacon Precision Diagnostics Sdn Bhd (Beacon Precision Diagnostics) is a patient-centric medical diagnostic laboratory based in Beacon Hospital. Beacon Precision Diagnostics offers a wide range of laboratory diagnostic services covering both routine and specialized testing that includes biochemistry analysis, immunology, serology, urinalysis, blood bank, hematology, and molecular diagnostics. Our referrals are received from private practitioners, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in Peninsular Malaysia.

Echoing the mission of Beacon Hospital’s vision to be a Good hospital, Beacon Precision Diagnostics envisions providing creditable and cutting-edge diagnostic services to empower good healthcare through precision medicine and scientific wellness. Our dedicated and competent team are led by our nation’s Renowned Pathologist, Clinicians, Pharmacists, Genetic Counsellor, Bioinformatician and Top Scientists, paving our way to realizing our vision and mission.

Beacon Precision Diagnostics is committed to MS ISO15189 and CAP compliance, with the following fields of testing ready to be accredited under MS ISO 15189: Chemical Pathology, Hematology Inclusive Transfusion Medicine, and Molecular Diagnostics. We are also one of the few laboratories to integrate a third-party quality monitoring system for daily QC monitoring of our Core Laboratory (Hematology, Chemical Pathology, Serology and Immunology) for efficient and reliable results. We have converged memorandums of understanding with various world’s leading organizations to venture into collaborative research advancement in various medical diagnostics, student internships, advisories and joint activities.

Here at Beacon Precision Diagnostics, we are committed to going the extra mile to provide credible and dependable results. We aim to use the tools from the molecular diagnostic arm to provide advancement of Precision Medicine and Scientific Wellness for patient and public health.

Activity: – Providing Molecular Genetics Services that consists of PRECISE Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics
– Providing Clinical Diagnostics Services
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Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Date of Activity: 15 March 2024

Submitted by: Eren