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In conjunction with “World Sleep Day”, the Centre for Research on Non-Communicable Diseases
(CRNCD) has organized a webinar with title “Snooze – To escape the blue” on 20 March 2021. The
objectives of the seminar were: To increase awareness of importance of Sleep and related issues & To
discuss remedial ways and suggestions to improve quality of sleep and related issues.

Dr Tripat Deep Singh, Former Sleep Philips, Singapore Clinical Manager has given a talk with title
“Sleep-a wake-up call for the medical community”. He has presented various facts on sleep disorders,
sleep pattern and sleep education as well as some related research. He has discussed few researches
substantiating that sleep disorders are increasing, this area of needs more attention & systematic studies.
He has also discussed few researches related in Malaysian population. He has emphasized on inclusion
of topics of sleep physiology and sleep medicine in the medical curriculum & suggested that care of
OSA should be added in general practitioners. He also has discussed need to develop alternate models
that could boost confidence in treating OSA. Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia should continue to do
the good work to develop sleep medicine in Malaysia,” added Dr Tripat.

Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail, Hospital Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Deputy
Director-cum-Consultant Respiratory Physician has given a talk with title “Sleep and Covid-19
pandemic, towards regular sleep for healthy future”. He shared concepts related with a survey etc,
“Having a regular sleep routine helps to ensure healthier future. He has pondered on Covid-19
pandemic & issues with sleep. He also spoke about screening procedures adopted before access to the
sleep laboratory, sleep disorders, quality sleep elements, OSA and its effect on health issues & tips for
better sleep and other related research studies. The three elements of good quality sleep are duration,
continuity, and depth. Make it a point to establish a technology timeout before bedtime,” explained Dr

Mr Tarun Amalnerkar, lecturer, Department of Physiotherapy at Faculty of Medicine and Health
Sciences, UTAR gave a talk with title “Scope of physiotherapy” In his session he highlighted on the
importance of sleep especially among students pondering upon one of his (Khor Jia Hui & Swapneela
Jacob) research on “Knowledge, Awareness and Prevalence of Insomnia among Physiotherapy
students”. He discussed how physiotherapy can also contribute in various way for a patient suffering
with sleep issues as primary or comorbidity & reflect over the initiatives such as organizing campaigns,
sleep workshops, awareness – education programmes may also make a difference. Tarun has also
demonstrated some techniques such as diagrammatic – pursed lip breathing and other relaxation

Ms Navamani a/p Nagappon, Counsellor, Counselling & Guidance Unit, Department of Student Affairs
UTAR, gave a talk with title “A counselling perspectives on sleeping”. She discussed that how students
may encounter sleeping problems due to unsolved problem, environmental issue, personality, selfvalue,
mental health issues as well as physical issues. As a counsellor, it is important encourages clients
to speak, provide space to share their emotional feeling, private thoughts & to be a good listener, Be
non – judgmental. She also discussed the concept of therapy session such as expressive arts, inventories,
relaxation therapy to help the clients to sleep better. She also reviewed about the notions of perception,
emotional intelligence quotient, interpersonal skills, developing self-actualization, Leonard Personality
Inventory (LPI) Holistic Model, hypnotherapy, and principles of life.

In his closing remarks, Dr John Paul Judson, Chairman of Centre for Research on Non-Communicable
Diseases thanked all the speakers for highlighting the importance of sleep. He reiterated that the
CRNCD has a strong commitment to the health of the community and the prevention of noncommunicable
disease, for which this webinar fitted very well. He reminded that each of us needs to
cultivate our own unique and regular sleep pattern in order to have a healthier life.

This initiative also assimilates the attributes of Sustainable development Goals 3 Good Health and
Well-being, Goal 9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure few components of goal 11: Sustainable
Cities and Communities also were glanced. Nearly hundred over people have attended & reciprocated
well to the webinar. Following were the committee member of the event. Chairperson: Prof Dr John
Paul Evangel Judson, Chairman of the event: Tarun Amalnerkar, Secretary: Ms Navamani a/p
Nagappon, Treasurer: Dr Ling Wei Chih, Communication & Publicity: Dr Simerjit Singh, Logistics &
Venue: Dr Avneet Kaur, Emcee: Ms Kiruthika Selvakumar

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Location: Malaysia

Date of Activity: 20 March 2021

Submitted by: Tarun Amalnerkar