Malaysia 2012: Malaysian Sleep Day

Dr. Liborio Parrino spoke at a World Sleep Day event in Malaysia as a WASM delegate. Below is his commentary on the trip as well as the comments from those who participated.


Dear friends,

back from my visit to Malaysia for the World Sleep Day please read the
positive comments I just received from the President and a Board member of
the Sleep Disorders Society Malaysia (SDSM).

The event was also attended by the Malesian Minister of Health (Dato’ Sri
Liow Tiong Lai) who promised to extend the number of sleep labs in the
govermental hospitals (the news is reported in THE NEW SUNDAY TIMES page 11
of March 18, 2012).

It was a tough experience as I had to fly more than 24 hours in 3 days but I
think it was worthwhile to promote WASM, encourage awareness on sleep
issues, and understand that developing countries need our help to educate
professionals and create new sleep experts.



Dear Prof Parrino,
Indeed we want to express our appreciation for WASM’s supports on the World
Sleep Day at our national level. I believe as my colleague mentioned WASM
continuous supports is crucial for this association to keep on track with
international and scientific development in the field of sleep.

Thank you.

Dr Muhammad Muhsin AHMAD ZAHARI
President, Sleep Disorders Society Malaysia (SDSM)


Dear Prof Parrino,

On behalf of Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia (SDSM), I would like to extend
our sincere gratitude to you and World Association of Sleep Medicine in
promoting sleep health to all the Malaysians. It is a great honour to share
the same stage with you during the forum in increasing the awareness of
sleep disorders among the public. We will certainly be working harder to
continue this good work in ensuring better sleep health among the

We, at the SDSM, hope that this is the start of long lasting partnership
between our local society and the WASM. Please let us know how we can
involve with more activities of the WASM and the next World Sleep Day event
in the years ahead. Hope to see you again in the near future.

Kind regards,

Dr Ahmad Izuanuddin Ismail

SDSM 2012

malaysia sleep disorder society