Libya 2017: Drs Satya Bindra & Hakim Zreeg

Delegate: Dr. Satya P. Bindra & Dr. Hakim Zreeg

Affiliations: UNCSD Focal Point Libya & SAQR International based LNYLC

Promoting & supporting need for next generations of sleep doctors to reduce burdon of sleep disorders in Libya

Raising awareness of Global Goal 3 on Good Health & Well Being under UNCSD Focal Point & Libyan National Youth & Children Leadership Council (LNYLC) led campaign on 17 Global Goals & 169 targets for implementation of sustainable development Goals (SDGs) by 2030

To commemorate World Sleep Day March 17 2017 UNCSD Focal Point & its partners LNYLC, ECOES, IBEC & LCAMS launch a how to sleep better campaign in crisis ridden Libya by exchange of scientific ideas and experiences in sleep medicine. To inspire encourage & support Young Investigators to have access to recent advances in sleep medicine including up-to-date clinical and basic research techniques. in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 3 on Good Health & Well Being.

Location: SAQR International SAS Seraj Tripoli Libya

Date: March 2- 9 2017 Week Long Campaign

Submitted by: Prof Dr. Satya P. Bindra

Short Bio: Distinguished Professor UNCSD Rio+20 Future We Want Focal Point Libya & SPARK Expert Amsterdam for Entrepreneurship & Higher Education.