Latvia 2022: Sanita Šaitere | Riga International Airport

Delegate: Sanita Šaitere

Affiliation: Riga International Airport

Short Bio: Human Resources Project Manager

Activity: We held a sitewide Sleep Awareness day on 18th March – with an email for all employees about sleep importance and facts and provided 3 webinars (recordings) about sleep (healthy sleep, sleep advice and sleep disorders).

Dedicated activities are planned from April 27 till May 8 (“Sleep week”) with special content for each working day:
1) knowledge about sleep (video webinar recordings),
2) awareness of sleep habits and patterns (recording or diary),
3) sleep time (when, how much, schedules),
4) place for sleep (bedroom hygiene, temperature, darkness, silence),
5) activities and rest (physical activities – what and when, how to detach and relax),
6) food and sleep (what about coffee and energy drinks, and alcohol, what and when to eat/ not to eat).
Employees will receive some simple advice to try each day, according to the topic, and will be encouraged to submit their activities via online form. All participants will be included in a draw for prizes. Special attention will be to advice for shift workers.

Location: Marupes novads (Riga)

Date of Activity: March 18, 2022 and dedicated activities planned from April 27 till May 8

Submitted by: Sanita Šaitere