Japan 2016: Sleep Health Promotion Organization and Japan Foundation of Neurology and Mental Health

Delegate: Masako OKAWA & Kiyohisa TAKAHASHI

Affiliations: Sleep Health Promotion Organization and Japan Foundation of Neurology and Mental Health

Japan Foundation of Neurology and Mental Health (President : Kiyohisa Takahashi MD&PhD) launched Sleep Health Promoting Organization (SHPO) (Chairperson : Masako Okawa MD&PfD) in 2011. SHPO decided National Sleep Day twice a year the Sprig Sleep Day and the Autumn Sleep Day. The Spring sleep day is 18th March, which corresponds World Sleep Day. The Autumn Sleep Day is 3rd September. SHPO’s idea is that two times of sleep day in a year must be better to promote awareness of sleep than once a year.

SHPO has conducted the following activities.
1. Public awareness seminars on healthy sleep have been held during sleep health promotion week, spring 11th~25th, and autumn 27th August ~10th September. in 5~6 cities in Japan each time.


2. Delivery of sleep professionals, members of Japan Society Sleep Research, to awareness seminars sponsored by local governments according to the request from the local governments. The time of the seminar is not defined to the sleep day but anytime in a year. In 2014 we delivered professionals to 30 cities, 25 cities in 2015.

3. In 2015 composition and painting contest was conducted for primary school and junior high school students. It started on the Autumn Sleep Day and award winner will be announced on the Spring Sleep Day, namely World Sleep Day. Hundred fifty compositions and 400 painting participated in the contest.


4. Lifetime contribution award is provideded for senior investigators. The award will be considered for their academic achievements in scientific researches, brilliant leadership and/or instrumental contribution in establishing sleep educations. Grant programs are provided for young researchers on sleep science, sleep medicine or sleep sociology.

5. Educational tools are delivered at the Public Awareness Seminor such as brouche “Nemurin(Sleep) Club” which contains “Guideline for Sleep Health 2014 – Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare-“ , relaxation methods for sound sleep, questions for good sleep/life habits, introductions of sleep specific diseases. Booklet for good sleep at areas of natural disaster, earthquake, tsunami etc are provided for local inhabitants.

Location: Tokyo and other big cities in Japan

Date: Spring Sleep Health Week : 11th~25th March Autumn Sleep Day : 27th August ~10th September.

Submitted by: Kiyohisa TAKAHASHI MD, PhD

Short Bio:
Okawa: 1967 Graduated from Gunma University School of Medicine, Maebashi, 1973 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sleep Laboratory Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, U.S.A, 1979 Senior Staff Associate in Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Göteborg University, Sweden, 1983- Instructor in Akita University School of Medicine, Akita, 1991- Director, Department of Psychophysiology National Institute of Mental Health, 2000- Professor of Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu
2005-2008 President, Japanese Sleep Research Society, 2006-2011 President, Asian Sleep Research Society, 2007-2012 Vice President, World Sleep Federation