Italy 2023: Helene Vitali | Italian Institute of Technology

Delegate: Helene Vitali

Affiliation: Italian Institute of Technology

Short Bio:

Activity: As part of a multisensory lab and as the social media manager of my research group, my activity would be to share on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) some information about sleep and blindness to increase the awareness of sleep problems in this population. Specifically, this activity will be subdivided into three days, the 16th, 17th, and 18th of March (on the occasion of world sleep days), and each day will be dedicated to a specific argument. On the first day, we will discuss sleep in blind adults, the second day in blind children, and the third day about sleep and dream in people with sensory deprivation.
These activities will be presented as posts, videos, and podcasts that will be shared on our social media and re-shared on the Italian Institute of Technology’s social media.

Sleep and blindness video:

Sleep in blind children video:

Blindness dream and multisensory video:


Location: Online

Date of Activity: 16th, 17th, 18th of March

Submitted by: Helene Vitali