Italy 2024: Giuseppe Recchia | daVi DigitalMedicine srl

Delegate: Giuseppe Recchia

Affiliation: daVi DigitalMedicine srl

Short Bio: Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, I carried out research on renal transplantation at the State University New York – Downstate Medical Center NY. A pharmaceutical researcher, I was Medical & Scientific Director in the Italian branch of a multinational company for 25 years. I am Vice President of the Smith Kline Foundation and editor of Tendenze Nuove magazine.
I am lecturer in the elective course “Digital Health & Therapeutics” at the University of Tor Vergata Rome since 2020 and member of the Scientific Committee of the Digital Observatory of the School of Health UnitelmaSapienza University of Rome.
I co-founded daVinci Digital Therapeutics (January 2019), daVi DigitalMedicine (February 2019) and Digital Rehab (May 2019), innovative startups for research, development and commercialisation of digital therapies, digital medical devices and digital rehabilitation systems.
I am co-leading research and development of NyxDigital, candidate digital therapeutics for the treatment of chronic insomnia at the University of Verona (Italy).

Activity: Online Conference “Therapeutic innovation for chronic insomnia. The rise of digital therapeutics”

The conference will address the clinical, health and social burden of chronic insomnia in Italy and will explore the new therapeutic options (pharmacological and digital) now available.
The conference will introduce the meaning of Digital Technologies for Health and delve into the category of Digital Therapeutics.
The conference will present the 6 digital therapeutics approved by regulatory authorities at international level (USA, Germany, South Korea, Brazil)
The conference will update on the status of the research and development of NyxDigital, the first digital therapeutic candidate in Italy, developed by the University of Verona in collaboration with daVi DigitalMedicine and other players.

Location: Verona, Italy – The conference will be delivered digitally

Date of Activity: 18 March 2024

Submitted by: Giuseppe Recchia