Italy 2022: Giuseppe Recchia | daVi DigitalMedicine srl

Delegate: Giuseppe Recchia

Affiliation: daVi DigitalMedicine srl

Short Bio: Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, I carried out research at the Renal Transplantation Center of University Hospital of Verona and as a Research Fellow at Downstate Medical Centre in Brooklyn, NY (US).
In 1984 I joined Glaxo (now GlaxoSmithKline) Italy where I held the positions of Medical & Scientific Director until 2018.
Since 2018 I have been Vice President of the Smith Kline Foundation, a no profit organization with institutional governance, responsible for the Digital Therapeutics Project and Decentralized Clinical Trials Project (2019-2022). I am Director of Tendenze Nuove, the scientific journal of Fondazione Smith Kline.
I am co-founder of two R&D startups, daVinci Digital Therapeutics (2019) and daVi DigitalMedicine (2021), involved in research, development and delivery of Digital Medicine technologies.
I am professor of “Digital Health and Therapeutics” elective course at University of Tor Vergata, Rome and coordinator of the course “Patient expert in Digital Health Technologies” at University UnitelmaSapienza, Rome.
Currently I am involved in research and development of Digital Therapeutics, Digital Self-Management Education & Supports and Digital Drug Supports to treat Chronic Insomnia in collaboration with University of Verona, Italy.
I am a member of Digital Medicine Society.

Activity: Online Conference “Digital Innovation in Sleep Disorders”

Giuseppe Recchia, daVi DigitalMedicine – Digital Sleep Medicine
Elena Antelmi, University of Verona – Unmet need in sleep health
Marco Caglieris, Sonnomedica Milano – Sleep and professional risk
Emanuele Lettieri, Politecnico Milano – Digital Tools supporting Sleep Health
Chiara Bresa – Sleep and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
Silvana D’Alessio, Polifarma – Insomnia Bio-Digital Pipeline

Location: Online

Date of Activity: 18 March 2022

Submitted by: Giuseppe Recchia