Italy 2021: Luca Roberti | Associazione Apnoici Italiani APS

Delegate: Luca Roberti

Affiliations: Associazione Apnoici Italiani APS

Short Bio: President of the Associazione Apnoici Italiani Aps (Italian Sleep Apnea & Sleep Disorder Patient Organization), a patient association that represents the voice and rights of patients with sleep apnea and sleep disorders. We are part of the ENSAPO Patients Network (European Network of Sleep Apnoea Patient Organisations) –

Activity: To coincide with World Sleep Day, we are launching our 2021 Awareness Campaign on Sleep Respiratory Disorders. This campaign is divided into 3 activities: 1- the diffusion on the main Italian television networks of a 30-second video advertisement that raises awareness about the risks of excessive sleepiness while driving and at work for people with sleep apnea undiagnosed and untreated in the period between the end of March and Ocotber. 2- we have produced a second 4-minute animated video for social networks that raises awareness of the risks associated with sleep apnea, sleepiness and possible therapies. 3- project is the launch of an web based application ( for patients and caregivers, which in a simple way will allow them to carry out self-tests using validated questionnaires, with subsequent indications and references of sleep medicine centers in Italy. From March 19th through our press office the 3 activities of our campaign will come spread with the national media.

Location: Italy

Date of Activity: 19/03/2021

Submitted By: Luca Roberti