Italy 2020: Giuseppe D’Alessandro / Neurocenter VdA

Delegate: Giuseppe D’Alessandro

Affiliations: Neurocenter VdA

Short Bio: Graduated in Medicine and Surgery on at the University of Naples 1981. Post-graduate specialisation in Neurology, University of Turin 1985 and in Clinical Neurophisiopathology in 1989.
Head of Neurology Division at Aosta Regional Hopital from 2016 to 2018. Previously head of Neurophysiology Structure and Director of Epilesy Center. Member of Italian Assosciation of Sleep Medicine since 2015 and expert in Sleep Medicine since 2019. Member of the following scientific societies: Italian Society of Neurology since 2000; Italian League Against Epilepsy since 2016. Director of Neurocenter VdA since September 2019.

Activity: March 13, 2020. Neurocenter VdA organize an On Open Day. The sleep expert meet the population. Free consultations, information about sleep disorders, diagnsois and treatment.

Location: Neurocenter VdA Regione Borgnalle 10 L – Aosta

Date of Activity: 13 Marzo 2020

Submitted By: Giuseppe D’Alessandro