Italy 2019: Prof. Francesco Peverini

Delegate: Prof. Francesco Peverini

Affiliations: Fondazione per la ricerca e la cura dei disturbi del sonno Onlus

Short Bio: Professor Francesco Peverini has been actively working for over twenty years in the study and treatment of sleep disorders. With the Foundation for the Research and Treatment of Sleep Disorders Onlus, of which he has became President, he is strongly committed to the diffusion of knowledge on Sleep Medicine.
The Talenti Dental Center in Rome, participates in the Night Apnea Alarm campaign to explain that OSAS can compromise general health but can be easily diagnosed and treated.

Activity: “World Sleep Day”, March 15, 2019, is an excellent opportunity to promote actions dedicated to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.
On this important occasion, the Talenti Dental Center of Rome together with Prof. Francesco Peverini, participates in a awareness campaign to raise the importance of sleep disorders and in particular of the syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea – OSAS – a pathology that can seriously compromise the general health of the individual.
A team composed of an internist and two dentists will clarify to the participants the crucial role that is played by the screening work in identifying patients at risk of OSAS and then accompany them to diagnosis and multidisciplinary therapy.

Location: Roma – Centro Odontoiatrico Talenti

Date of Activity: 15 marzo 2019

Submitted By: Prof. Francesco Peverini – Dott. Stefano Pernice – Dott. Joseph Giordanetto