Italy 2019: Pierluigi Innocenti / ASSIREM

Delegate: Pierluigi Innocenti

Affiliations: ASSIREM (Associazione Scientifica Italiana per la Ricerca e l’EDucazione nella Medicina del Sonno)

Short Bio: ASSIREM is a no profit association the promote research and education on sleep Medicine. Our first interest is to promote a more attention on sleep, indispensable for our healthy, our quality of life and our wellness. We have focused most of our activity on children and adolescents. This year, together with MIUR (Ministry of Instruction, University an Research), ASSIREM promoted a national competition in the schools of all degrees to increase a better knowledge of the importance of sleep for the fisical and mental development of the new generation.

Thursday 14, from 6 pm: Sleep Medicine between present and future, ASSIREM headquarters

Friday 15, from 10 am Awards Ceremony, MIUR headquarters

Saturday 16, from 6 pm: Logopedia and OSA, ASSIREM headquarters

Location: ASSIREM, Viale XXI aprile 81, 00162 Roma

Date of Activity: 14-15-16 March

Submitted By: Pierluigi Innocenti