Italy 2019: Angelica Quercia

Delegate: Angelica Quercia

Affiliations: Associazione Punto Giovani

Short Bio: Psychologist, Ph.D. in Functional Neuroimaging, I am a professional master’s student in Sleep Medicine at the University of Bologna and I work as socio-cultural volunteer for a charitable organization, “Associazione Punto Giovani” (Guardiagrele, Chieti, Italy).I am submitting the activities that I have organized as a socio-cultural volunteer of the “Associazione Punto Giovani”.


  1. Educational lesson on sleep disorders in elderly, with emphasis on gender differences. On 29 March at “Centro Sempreverdi”, University of the third age of Gessopalena (Chieti, Italy)
  2. Open Day for all citizens, from children to elderly, to discover the functions of sleep and its importance for physical and mental well-being by educational, creative and musical activities. In details, during the event will be exhibited educational poster presentations, PowerPoint slides, fact sheets, handouts about different sleep topics, from sleep functions to social jet lag. It will be made available scientific books to consult and it will be distributed bookmarks with sleep hygiene rules for children and adults. For children, it has been scheduled sleep games (quizzes, crossword puzzles, game with cards on sleep hygiene rules), painting activities and bedtime stories readings. As for the musical activity, it has been planned a karaoke of the sleep songs that students have written for a contest on sleep education, to which they have participated in collaboration with “Associazione Punto Giovani”: “Dor-mi-amo”, song about the effects of the blue light on sleep wake rhythms (school class IV B, State Professional Institute for Health and Biotechnology “Nicola da Guardiagrele”); “Napper Rap”, rap about sleep hygiene and sleep functions (V A, Primary School “Modesto della Porta-Cappuccini”).
    On 30 March at “Associazione Punto Giovani” in Guardiagrele (Chieti, Italy).

Location: Gessopalena (Chieti, Italy)- Guardiagrele (Chieti-Italy)

Date of Activity: On 29 March in Gessopalena (Chieti-Italy) -On 30 March in Guardiagrele (Chieti, Italy)

Submitted By: Angelica Quercia