Italy 2018: Luca Roberti

Delegate: Luca Roberti

Affiliations: Associazione Apnoici Italiani Onlus

Short Bio:Associazione Apnoici Italiani Onlus was founded in 2016 in the will and need to support patients and their families, who suffer from Sleep Apnea (OSA) to help them go through the right path.


-Awareness day on Sleep Apnea in the center of Palermo.

-Conference on sleep apnea with specialists (Pulmonologist and Neurologist)and patient association. (Iglesias)

World Sleep Day: adjust the biological clock

Locations:Palermo (Sicily) & Iglesias (Sardinia)

Date of Activity:16 March & 17 March 2018

Submitted By: Luca Roberti