Italy 2016: Andi Foundation onlus and A.N.D.I.

Delegate: Andi Foundation onlus and A.N.D.I.

For this reason, a campaign to raise awareness was started. The latter is based on two distinct – but still fundamental and coordinated – principles:
• Formation courses to dentists on the OSAS. This is to be achieved through the introduction of two FAD courses regarding screening, updating and therapy for the OSAS. A first approach – the “Dentistry and sleep disorders: professional and therapeutic perspectives” – and a second advanced course specific for the OSAS – “The Dentistry of sleep: the night snoring and Obstructive Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).”
• Awareness campaign for all citizens and dental patients about the OSAS. The goal is to bring a greater understanding on the pathology. In that way, the patient is be able to detect on his own the symptoms and signs of OSAS – such as snoring, daytime sleepiness, loss of attention, the feeling of constant tiredness.
Then, he/she may contact his/her dentist who will help in the decision of the appropriate course of action.
The campaign “Sleep apnea alarm” was built on these objectives. It addresses to those citizens/patients that are not able to recognize the typical symptoms of OSAS on their own. That is because they frequently underestimate or do not consider the health risks underlying this condition. The campaign also aims to provide information on how to have an accurate diagnosis and to whom turn to in case of need.
Thanks to this project, patients will receive information concerning OSAS in the ANDI dentists’ private offices and will take part in screening campaigns based on internationally recognized tests. Those with a positive test will be redirected to specialist clinics to carry out more specific investigations in order to evaluate and define the possible course of treatment.
The campaign “Sleep apnea alarm” – that is starting this year – will certainly develop and grow in time thanks to investments in media, education and training courses for dentists.

Location: Italy

Submitted by: Antonella Reduzzi – Comminication and project manager Andi Foundation


Short Bio:
ANDI Foundation onlus, founded by National Association of the Italian Dentists, is a non-profit organization. For over 10 years, it has worked to promote culture and solidarity to strengthen oral health and health in general. In particular, the Foundation addresses its attention to those who – due to their physical, economic and social status – cannot afford adequate dental care.
ANDI Foundation firmly believes that everyone has the right to have access to health; since the latter is the greatest common good and it should be available to everyone on equal terms. Andi Foundation continuously puts its efforts in promoting oral health and prevention culture concerning the oral cancer. The Foundation boosts several broad awareness-raising activities. An example is the National Day against mouth cancer – the Oral Cancer Day. Our aim is to implement measures regarding both dental and medical interventions in Italy and in developing countries. The ultimate goal is to support and finance research projects regarding the most widespread, but also the rarest and the unknown, oral diseases.
For years now, ANDI Foundation has been interested in issues concerning sleep – more specifically on Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS).