Israel 2023: Avi Barssessat | member

Delegate: Avi Barssessat

Affiliation: member

Short Bio: Owner of Barssessat group, developing innovative world prize winning sleeping solutions, adjustable beds patent registered and sleep researcher.

Activity: Have you ever seen a concert while lying down on an adjustable bed? well our guests did 🙂
Not less than 200 guests (in each round) were lying down on the finest bed & mattress in the world
Hollandia is the Leader of public opinion in Israel regarding sleep. the event was especially done for the WORLD SLEEP DAY!

Hollandia’s once in a life time event – the Launch of Tempur new collection ,Auping beds and last but not least -Avi Barssessat’s 5th book – this time about space and its connection to us…

best of the best – HOLLANDIA

Location: TEL AVIV

Date of Activity: 2.5.2023

Submitted by: Galit Buznach