Israel 2022: Avi Barssessat | Israel

Delegate: Avi Barssessat

Affiliation: Israel

Short Bio: Avi Barssessat is the CEO and owner of Hollandia international, and the Israeli representative for the world sleep day for the last few years

Activity: This year we celebrated International Sleep Day with a special broadcast day of Radio 102 at the Hollandia branch in Herzliya.
During the day all the radio broadcasters broadcast their programs from a special position in the Holland branch, talked about sleep and its importance to health throughout the day and interviewed people from the worlds of design and sleep.
We celebrated the end of the day with a bonnet party with a variety of journalists, designers and architects.

Location: Hollandia Herzliya

Date of Activity: 21.3.2022

Submitted by: Avi Barssessat