Israel 2022: Avi Barssessat | Hollandia International

Delegate: Avi Barssessat

Affiliation: Hollandia International

Short Bio: Avi Barssessat is the CEO and owner of Hollandia international, and the Israeli representative for the world sleep day for the last few years

Activity: We will dedicate this year’s “World Sleep day -quality sleep- Happy day” to special broadcast day from 07:00am to 20:00pm ,A mobile broadcast studio to be built in Hollandia store in Hertzelia, Famous radio presenters who will host the Sleep Experts and Sleep doctors, the Idea is to Create awareness raising◊•
Delivering the messages quickly and easily that will suit the entire population.

Location: Hertzelia

Date of Activity: 21.3.2022

Submitted by: Avi Barssessat