Israel 2017: Hollandia International

Delegate: Avi Barssessat

Affiliations: Hollandia International

Activity 1 of 2: Book Giveaway!
I am pleased to contribute my knowledge and experience to promote the important agenda that you are leading “in lightning the awareness of the quality of sleep”. Therefore, I am contributing 10 books for this important agenda.

To win a copy of  “The Slumber of Kings,” the book that will make you sleep better at night and wake up with a smile, please send your details to: [email protected]. Include:

-Name of the company
-Contact Person
-Phone number

Location: Hollandia in Israel

Date: 17/3/2017

Short Bio: Avi Barssessat Joined the Family Business at 1986, Started his way as one the delivery and service person at the company. Along the years his positions were raised to sales , Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and in the year 2000 was nominated as the CEO. Since then Avi is in charge of the National and International market and also is a national & International speaker with expertise about Sleep, Marketing, PR, Business & Product development. *Avi owns a regular radio spot program(every Sunday at 06:45 am) as a global sleep specialist, the main issue of the program is talking about healthy sleep and proper sleep tips … *At October 2015, Avi Launched his first book “The slumber of kings” -The book that will make you sleep better at night and wake up with a smile!


Activity 2 of 2: Special Dance creation for the international world sleep day

The special dance creation was choreographed by Michal Herman –one of the best choreographers in Israel. The piece expresses for the first time in the world the values of good sleep by a Ballerinas dance, this came after the “Slumber of Kings,” a book creation that was written by Avi Barssessat, for this purpose.

The dance depicts a life cycle of a day and emphasizes Hollandia’s philosophy that when you sleep well, you wake up refreshed. Good sleep allows us to be reborn every day, as we spend 1/3 of our day in bed, the other 2/3 of our day is greatly affected by the way we sleep.

The event will take place at the 16th of March 2017, Rosianski 3 Rishon Lezion, Israel.

Photos of Event: