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Short Bio: The Iranian Sleep Medicine Society was established in 2006. It aims to promote sleep and circadian health in the community, train sleep medicine specialists and technicians, and conduct research in the field of sleep health and sleep disorders.

Activity: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society had the honor to have video messages from Dr. Lourdes DelRosso and Dr. Fang Han co-chairs of the World Sleep Day Committee for 2024 World Sleep Day. The messages were presented at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences World Sleep Day event and will be distributed through social media. The Iranian Sleep Medicine Society had sleep expert delegates from multiple sleep centers to celebrate World Sleep Day. Sleep experts at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, the Sleep Committee of the Iranian Psychiatrists’ Association, Isfahan, Erfan Hospital, and Qazvin University of Medical Sciences were our delegates this year. This year, the Iranian Sleep Medicine Society tried to extend its activities throughout the country to increase public and healthcare authorities’ awareness of sleep health and achieve more equity in sleep health awareness.
Dr. Khosro Sadeghniiat, Dr. Shabnam Jalilolghadr, Dr. Arezu Najafi, Dr. Besharat Rahimi, Dr. Hamed Amirifard, Dr. Nazila Shahmansouri, Dr. Reyhaneh Heidari, Dr. Zahra Soltantooyeh, Dr. Vida Imani, and Dr. Shahram Samadi contributed to giving lectures on the importance of sleep equity for global health and different indications and identification keys for diagnosis and referral of patients with sleep problems. Dr. Arezu Najafi organized the event at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Majid Ghafarpour, Senior Professor of Neurology at the Iranian Center of Neurological Research was acknowledged for his valuable support in establishing Imam Sleep Center at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Atefeh Behkar our research assistant contributed to designing a beautiful informative image for this year’s slogan. Dr. Mohammad Hosein Harirchian, Dr. Zahra Banafsheh Alemohammad, Dr. Ania Rahimi, Dr. Reza Erfanian, Dr. Mashyat Mohammadzadeh, and Dr. Mersedeh Ghodsi also contributed to this event and we had guests from neurology, pulmonology, and cardiology departments. Attendees came from different disciplines. Dr. Azizi provided an informative video on sleep health and World Sleep Day at Erfan Hospital located in Tehran and distributed it through the media.
Dr. Fatemeh Kashani Nasab provided an informative message on World Sleep Day history and the importance of sleep health and distributed it through social media affiliated with the Iranian Psychiatrists’ Association.
Qazvin University of Medical Sciences, a pioneer center for training pediatric sleep fellows, hosted different related events with lectures by Dr. Shabnam Jalilolghadr, Dr. Khatereh Khamenehpour, and Dr. Orangpour. They talked to schools’ health authorities about the importance of sleep health for school-aged children. Dr. Jalilolghadr and Dr. Khamenepour had lectures for related authorities and different departments at Qazvin’s Children’s Hospital. At Isfahan, Dr. Zahra Parsapur had a TV interview on children’s sleep health.
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences held different events with talks on the importance of sleep health and disorders to related specialties of physicians. Dr. Mahnaz Amini had related interactive and informative lectures to the public via TV channels of Khorasan Razavi province and school-aged students through their related media named Shad Network.
World Sleep Day Event in Tehran, Iran:
World Sleep Day Event in Tehran, Iran:
World Sleep Day Event in Isfahan, Iran:
World Sleep Day Event in Mashhad, Iran:

Location: Tehran, Mashahd, Qazvin, Isfahan

Date of Activity: March,2024

Submitted by: Arezu Najafi