Iran 2021: Mahnaz Amini | Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Delegate: Mahnaz Amini

Affiliations: Mashhad university of medical sciences

Activity: TV Interview Title: The importance of sleep from the perspective of physicians (Part 1) ADDRESS:
Date of Activity: 25-Feb-21

Activity: WebDA (Mashhad university)interview Title: Sleep deprivation syndrome is one of the most common problems in men Link:
Date of Activity: 21-Feb-2021

Activity: TV interview Title: Get to know more about the sleep clinic Address:
Date of Activity: 18-Feb-21

Activity: live webinar: Title: Nutrition and sleep disorders by Mahnaz Amini and Dr Majid Ghayuor Mobarhan (Nutritionist and Metabolic disorder specialist UK)
Date of Activity: 16-Feb-21

Activity: Radio interview Title: A case study Telephone connection with Dr. Mahnaz Amini (internal medicine specialist and lung specialist and sleep fellowship)from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences link:
Date of Activity: 31-Jan-21

Activity:  TEDX Omid: Title: The interpretation of your dream is health! Link:

Date of Activity:  10-Mar-21

Location: Mashhad Iran

Submitted By: Hassan Abbassian