Iran 2019: Iranian sleep medicine society

Delegate: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society

Affiliations: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society

Activity: Iranian sleep medicine society held a ceremony to inform the public regarding the sleep health and related problems that can lead to sleep disturbance. Interviewers from the media, TV and sleep medicine specialists were the attendees.
Directory board members of Iranian sleep medicine society presented main lectures regarding sleep health. Dr. Khosro Sadeghniiat board director of the society gave a speech about the history of Iranian sleep medicine society and importance of healthy sleep in our life. Dr ghalebandi, Dr. Jalilighar, and Dr. Zahra Banafsheh Alemohammad were the other board members who discussed related issues of healthy sleep. Increasing number of elderly and subsequently their health problems, role of healthy sleep in healthy aging and importance of children’s sleep in having a healthy adult population were among the spoken topics.
Furthermore, sleep medicine specialists and faculties of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Dr. Reihaneh Heidari and Dr. Arezu Najafi talked about role of surgery in treatment of sleep disorders and the sleep health services that Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex serves to patients in this regard and also healthy sleep in occupations and road traffic accidents was discussed.
Moreover, the following topics were mentioned by sleep medicine specialists and fellows of sleep medicine at Tehran University of Medical sciences, Dr. Khatereh Khamenepour, Dr. Vida Imani, Dr. Hamed Amirifard, Dr. Reza Erfanian Khosravi, Dr. Besharat Rahimi, Dr. Leila Emami, and Dr. Mashiat Mohammadzadeh.
• Role of sleep apnea in health of children
• Role of TV and social media in sleep and health of children and teenagers
• Sleep hygiene and its importance in a healthy sleep and life
• Various treatments of sleep apnea
• Role of sleep apnea in our life and road traffic accidents
• Psychiatric health and related problems in old age
• Anesthesia in sleep surgery
• Restless legs syndrome and neurologic problems that can lead to disturbed sleep
• Sleep apnea and related pulmonary diseases in old age
Several interviews were also performed with the media to increase public awareness regarding sleep related issues and its role in a healthy life and aging.
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Location: Tehran, Iran

Date of Activity: March 2019

Submitted By: Dr. Arezu Najafi, Sleep and Occupational Medicine Specialist, Occupational Sleep Research Center, Baharloo Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences