Iran 2018: Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Delegate: Mahnaz Amini

Affiliations: Mashhad university of medical sciences

Activity: Our team arranged a few activities on the importance of sleep and circadian rhythm in our city:
1- Giving talks to inform the people about sleep and circadian rhythm through the public relation of Mashhad medical university website (Dr Lahya AfshariSaleh)
2- Talks for psychiatry residents and medical students (Dr Hadi Asadpour)
3. University staffs awareness via email and social media (Dr Mahnaz Amini)
4- Research on quality of sleep and circadian rhythm in medical students, faculty and teachers (Dr Fariborz RezayiTalab)

Location: Iran-Mashhad-University sleep centers

Date of Activity: 2018/3/12

Submitted By: Mahnaz Amini