Iran 2018: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society

Delegate: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society

Affiliations: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society

Activity: Iranian Sleep Medicine Society in cooperation with Occupational Sleep Research Center (OSRC) and International Center for Neurological Research (ICNR) affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) held an educational conference about circadian rhythm disorders in March 2018.

Iranian sleep Medicine Society in cooperation with OSRC and ICNR held an informative conference about circadian rhythm disorders and normal sleep-wake cycle to physicians, medical students, etc. at Imam Hospital complex, Tehran, Iran. In this conference, Dr. Khosro Sadeghniiat, director of Iranian sleep Medicine Society, Dr. Mirfarhad Ghalebandi, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Harirchian, Dr. Shabnam Jalilolghadr, Dr. Zahra Banafsheh Ale Mohammad, directory board members of Iranian Sleep Medicine Society, and other sleep medicine specialists talked about different types of circadian rhythm disorders among adults and children.
In this conference, Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, President of Iranian sleep Medicine Society (ISMS) and Dr. MirFarhad Ghalebandi, directory board member of ISMS talked about world sleep day, its history and role of this day in increasing awareness of public regarding role of healthy sleep in a productive life. Dr. Khosro Sadeghniiat highlighted shift work and associated sleep problems and following sleep deprivation in today’s modern life. Dr. Zahra Banafsheh Ale Mohammad, occupational and sleep medicine specialist at TUMS, described association of circadian rhythm disorders and workplace accidents. Dr. Alireza Yarahmadi, Dr. Fatemeh Kashani Nasab, and Dr. Elham Shirazi talked about neurobiology of circadian rhythm, classification of sleep-wake phase disorders, and influence of social media on sleep-wake cycle. Dr. Shabnam Jalilolghadr and Dr. Parisa Adimi discussed delayed sleep-wake phase disorders in children and hospital admitted patients.

Iranian Sleep Medicine Society also held a conference in cooperation with Sanofi company in Tehran, Iran (December 2017). Following topics were shared with audience by Dr. Sadeghniiat, Dr. Ghalebandi, Dr. Jalilolghar, and Dr. Rezaeitalab, directory board members of ISMS. Furthermore, sleep medicine specialists including Dr. Zahra Banafsheh Ale Mohammad, Dr. Arezu Najafi, Dr. Reihaneh Heidari, Dr. Mohammadreza Mousavi, Dr. Hadi Asadpour, Dr. Mojahedeh Salmani, and Dr. Mashiat Mohammadzadeh presented information regarding insomnia and its management.
• Normal Sleep, Essentials and Epidemiology of Insomnia
• Diagnosis and Clinical Features of Insomnia
• Insomnia in Pediatrics
• Insomnia in Comorbid-Neurologic Diseases
• Insomnia in Chronic Diseases
• Objective Tools In Diagnosis of Insomnia
• Pharmacological Treatment for Insomnia
• Special Considerations in Management of Insomnia
• Pharmacological Treatment for Insomnia
• Insomnia in Geriatrics
• Insomnia in Comorbid- Sleep Breathing Disorders
• Insomnia in Pregnancy and Menopause

Location: Tehran, Iran

Date of Activity: March 2018

Submitted By: Dr. Arezu Najafi, Occupational Sleep Research Center, Baharloo Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences