Indonesia 2022: Nina Sari Ishak | Stretta Music Production

Delegate: Nina Sari Ishak

Affiliation: Stretta Music Production

Short Bio: Nina Sari Ishak is an Indonesian composer, producer and arranger.
Nina has a vast performance experience and is currently working behind the scenes as arranger, album producer, and composer for international TV commercials such as Honda, Blue Band, Amazon and others through the music production house she started called Stretta Music Production.

Nina Sari Ishak graduated from the Conservatory of Music Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia with a specialization in Professional Contemporary Performance, she also received a music education at Ouachita Baptist University, USA. Since 2017, Nina has been entrusted to be Yamaha Music Indonesia’s Artist Endorsee.

Nina has been traveling to play music all around Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia and USA. Her passion is to promote the richness of Indonesian music with innovation, creativity and joyful spirit.

Activity: In collaboration with Spotify Asia,
Nina Sari Ishak will do a music for sleeping campaign on Spotify.

This year, Spotify Asia will be supporting by giving a banner space on Spotify homepage for Nina’s released album “Music for Sleeping: Lelap”, coincides with the World Sleep Day this year on March 18th, 2022.

If possible, we would like to involve World Sleep Day’s logo on our banner so we can share the sleep health awareness and the music impact for a better sleep.

Location: Online

Date of Activity: March 18th, 2022

Submitted by: Nina Sari Ishak