Indonesia 2020: Andri Andri / Omni Hospital Alam Sutera 

Delegate: Andri Andri

Affiliations: Omni Hospital Alam Sutera

Short Bio: I am a psychiatrist from Indonesia, a public speaker and also a content-creator in my YouTube channel who has more than 48.000 subscribers (per Feb 12th, 2020). I regularly post my YouTube channel with educational videos related to mental health especially psychosomatic medicine, anxiety and depression problems in daily life.
Activity: I regularly post my videos on my YouTube channel “Andri Psikosomatik” about many topics in mental health and insomnia and sleep-related disorder is one of the topics that I usually cover. On December 26, 2019, I posted my video about How To Manage Sleep Difficulty (Insomnia). It has 2,274 views until I wrote this report. My other videos related to sleep disorder had been posted before and I enclosed the screenshot in files.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date of Activity: 26 December 2019

Submitted By: Andri Andri