India 2024: Dr Nalini Nagalla | Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad

Delegate: Dr Nalini Nagalla

Affiliation: Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad

Short Bio: Dr Nalini Nagalla is a Pulmonary & Sleep Specialist with 25 years of experience. She is head of Continental Sleep Disorders Centre at Hyderabad, India.
Her passion, in addition to management of various Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders, is creating public awareness on SLEEP HEALTH.

Activity: On World Sleep day, we organized Drowsy Driving Awareness Program. We invited 100 Road Transport Corporation Of Telangana employees( senior officials, managers, safety wardens and drivers) and 50 public from residential communities.
It was a unique two and a half hours program, where we created awareness on drowsy driving – reasons, risks, how to identify drowsiness and ways to prevent or mitigate drowsy driving road accidents. It was a very interactive session with very enthusiastic audience. the drivers shared their own experiences and reasons why accidents happen.
The Neurosurgeons created awareness on severe and fatal brain injuries due to drowsy driving.

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Date of Activity: 15/03/2024

Submitted by: Dr Nalini Nagalla