India 2024: Dr. Monika Sharma | Behavioural Sleep Medicine Specialist , Founder Sleep Moksha, India

Delegate: Dr. Monika Sharma

Affiliation: Behavioural Sleep Medicine Specialist , Founder Sleep Moksha, India

Short Bio: Dr Monika Sharma, a seasoned sleep specialist with 16 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of transformative sleep. Having received her training in Behavioral Sleep Medicine at the prestigious UPenn in the USA, she is the visionary founder of Sleep Moksha, India’s inaugural Behavioral Sleep Medicine clinic.

Dr. Sharma is an expert in optimizing sleep for performance and recovery in athletes as well as helping people with sleep disorders recover through evidence-based sleep optimization strategies. She is a highly sought-after speaker and educator on sleep health and wellness and has been recognized with several awards and accolades. In her spare time, Dr Sharma enjoys spending time with her family and friends, painting and travelling.

Activity: Dr. Monika Sharma, founder of India’s premier Behavioral Sleep Medicine clinic Sleep Moksha, is a leading voice in sleep health promotion. This March, her multifaceted initiatives reached a wide audience:
Women’s Health: Dr. Sharma’s “Sleep Health for Women’s Health and Well-being” talk in Chandigarh empowered women to understand sleep’s unique impact on their overall health.
Athletic Performance: Through workshops in Punjab and an online webinar for Caribbean athletes, Dr. Sharma shared cutting-edge strategies for using sleep as a performance optimization tool.
Sleep Awareness Week: A social media campaign led by Dr. Sharma engaged the public with myth-busting, expert Q&A, and actionable tips, underscoring the importance of prioritizing sleep.
National & International Impact: Dr. Sharma’s panel discussion at the Sports Conclave in Chennai emphasized sleep’s role in Indian athletes’ performance and well-being, while her Caribbean webinar demonstrates her commitment to advancing sleep knowledge globally.

Location: India, Jamaica

Date of Activity: 8- 17 thMarch

Submitted by: Dr Monika Sharma , Behavioural Sleep Medicine specialist, India