India 2023: Sripriya Shaji | Counselling Psychologist, Art therapist & Nutritionist

Delegate: Sripriya Shaji

Affiliation: Counselling Psychologist, Art therapist & Nutritionist

Short Bio: Dr Sripriya Shaji is a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology and She is also a Nutritionist and Art therapist. She has 2 decades of experience working in hospitals which made her skills sharpened in health psychology further she grown passionate in Nutritional psychology.
Her scientific publications have figured in 12 International and National Journals. She also has 15 scientific presentations to her credit.
She is the founder of Srisha Counselling, Kozhikode which is affiliated to World Mental Health Federation. She works with Individuals, groups, and organizations to amplify their authencity and empower them to become a better version of themselves.
She also founded Women Mental Health – India, a special wing for women related issues.
Co-founded, Community Nutrition Forum, Kerala – A community of nutritionists working towards health awareness and right eating habits among general public.
She is also presiding Emotional and wellness council- WICCI, Kerala
Also, a renowned speaker and her signature topics are Women empowerment through nutritional psychology, Wellness and self-care, Managing anxiety and stress, Prioritising mental health through good nutrition, Healthy periods.
She is also a columnist in a international magazine ‘Mind matters’ and has penned good number of health care articles in other magazines.
She has delivered more than 500 health talks for general public at various community health programs.

Activity: Title of the Activity
“Tap out of Internet Addiction; Dance to the Rhythm”

A Interactive talk show with children, Teen ager, and their parents on three different occasion regarding, social media addiction and how it affects sleep and health. Dance movement therapy activity will be given with practical involvement of the participants.

March 17, 10am for School children @ Chemenchery UP School
March 18, 9.30 am for Teenagers @ Veda Vyasa Institute of Technology
March 20, 2.30pm for Parents @ Chemencher UP School

Location: Kozhikode, Kerala

Date of Activity: March 17, 2023, March 18, 2023, March 20, 2023

Submitted by: Sripriya Shaji