India 2024: Dr Surya Prakash Bhatt | All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Delegate: Dr Surya Prakash Bhatt

Affiliation: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Short Bio: Dr. Surya Prakash Bhatt, a Senior Research Scientist at AIIMS, Delhi, leads in metabolic research, focusing on obesity, diabetes, and sleep disorders. His groundbreaking studies unveiled the impact of sleep apnea on cellular aging in Asians, reflected in his 51+ papers and 3500+ citations. Beyond research, Dr. Bhatt’s commitment extends to community health. He spearheads extensive education programs, reaching urban and rural areas, addressing issues like obesity and malnutrition. With a particular focus on women’s health, he empowers through nutrition and early detection programs, showcasing a holistic dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and improving public health outcomes.

Activity: The health awareness program on PCOS and OSA has made significant strides, engaging a total of 3500 participants. A concise yet impactful presentation was crafted, focusing on the causes, health implications, and preventive measures related to these conditions. Efforts are underway to develop diverse communication materials such as leaflets, booklets, banners, posters, and audiovisual presentations in Hindi and English to effectively spread awareness about PCOS and OSA among this participant group. Plans for lectures, workshops, and group discussions in hospitals and residential areas are in motion, designed to engage and educate this substantial audience. The groundwork, including screening, team formation, procedural standardization, and the creation of informative booklets on OSA and PCOS, has been completed, highlighting a strong foundation for further outreach to these 3500 participants. Collaborations with esteemed medical departments like AIIMS, GTB Hospital, and the daily awareness programs conducted at OPDs demonstrate a proactive approach towards disseminating crucial health information to this significant number of individuals. Additionally, the initiative’s social media presence through a dedicated Facebook page is another avenue to amplify awareness efforts among this sizable participant cohort. The ongoing engagement with residential associations underscores the commitment to secure permissions for conducting awareness programs and medical camps, ensuring maximum outreach and impact within this participant group.

Location: North India

Date of Activity: 2021-2023

Submitted by: Dr. Surya Prakash Bhatt