India 2023: Dr. Monika Sharma | Founder, Sleep Moksha

Delegate: Dr. Monika Sharma

Affiliation: Founder, Sleep Moksha

Short Bio: Dr. Monika Sharma, Founder of Sleep Moksha, Consultant and Researcher, Behavioral Sleep Medicine, having spent over 14 years in sleep academia at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital; Max Super Specialty Hospital; etc., India and University of Pennsylvania; VA Medical Center; Brown Medical University, USA and the voice behind Sleep Moksha- A Sleep wellness Institute.
I am into Sleep Consulting, Education and Training and offer sleep services designed to diagnose, treat adults and children suffering from sleep disorders and feel more relaxed and confident about their sleep.
At Sleep Moksha, I believe in providing my patients with the life-long tools they need to think and behave like a good sleeper. My vision is to re-simplify sleep and unite the world with good sleep it is bereft of!

Activity: At Sleep Moksha , Dr. Monika Sharma celebrated sleep and its vast importance during our annual world sleep day -2023 celebrations with a week long online activities- the first of its kind in India curated by the Sleep expert herself.
In order to deeply understand the impact of sleep on other components of health and well-being,
We collaborated with other subject matter – experts –
-Sleep & Nutrition ;
– The art and science of wakeful rest ;
-Sleep and mental Health’;
-Sleep for heart health
Sleep for high-performance sport-
the much less talked about aspects of sleep .

Common sleep myths were also debunked in one of our sessions.
We ended the week long activities with a power packed session with Ms. Yogita Singh, Actor and Anchor talking about why #sleepdeprivation is on the rise and how it’s having a significant impact on the overall health and mental wellbeing of the nation.

In our endeavor for general public to increase their knowledge concerning the importance of good quality sleep and common sleep disorders , through our week long activities in three different languages – Hindi (national language) , Punjabi (regional
Language) and English we were able to accomplish the following goals:

-> Help individuals and their sleep partners understand the importance of sleep as one of the pillars of health ;

-> recognize sleep problems and cross the threshold to medical diagnosis and treatment.

-> Respond to the media’s need for information that is credible, accurate and easily accessible.

The primary vehicle by which the program was able to achieve these objectives was an interactive online live sessions.

Location: Chandigarh

Date of Activity: March 15-23rd,2023

Submitted by: Dr. Monika Sharma