India 2022: Dr. Sourav Das and Dr. Uttam Agarwal | Somnos Sleep Clinic, Kolkata and Organge Sleep Apnea Clinic, Kolkata

Delegate: Dr. Sourav Das and Dr. Uttam Agarwal

Affiliation: Somnos Sleep Clinic, Kolkata and Organge Sleep Apnea Clinic, Kolkata

Short Bio: Dr. Sourav Das (MD, DNB, ISAM, IBSM ) is a certified sleep specialist (board certified by Indian Board of Sleep Medicine and world Sleep Federation in 2015) having a exhaustive experience in the field of sleep medicine encompassing both OSA and Non-OSA disorders like Insomnia, Parasomnia, Sleep related movement disorders, Circadian rhythm disorders etc since the last 10 years. He has more than 20 articles published in (mostly international) journals of repute and is reviewer with more than 10 international and Indian journals of repute.

Dr. Uttam Agarwal (DLO, DNB, MNAMS) is an ENT surgeon with fellowship in sleep apnea surgery (Singapore) who is highly skilled and experienced in sleep surgeries, particularly pediatric sleep surgery and is a renowned name in the world of sleep medicine in Kolkata. He conducts multiple lectures and workshops on sleep apnea and related issues all over the country and dedicates a significant part of his time to bring awareness of the subject among the physician colleagues of the country.

Activity: 1. Facebook Live event on Sleep apnea and its relevance, diagnosis and treatment was done which was widely appreciated, liked and shared on the occasion of World Sleep Day, 2022 to spread awareness about OSA among the general population, while directly interacting with general public and satisfying their queries on sleep and its disorders.

2. Press conference inviting many media persons (including print, digital and television) was done and discussion about the importance of sleep, its benefits, problems of inadequate sleep, its impact on physical health and mental wellbeing and how to solve common issues with sleep etc. were done.

3. Patient awareness programs were conducted in respective clinics from the beginning of March 2022.

4. Clinician awareness program was conducted to raise awareness on insomnia and other sleep disorders and how they are relevant in everyday clinical practice.

Location: In and around Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Date of Activity: 1-18 th March

Submitted by: Dr. Sourav Das