India 2022: Dr . Shweta Kanchan | Shekhar hospital, Lucknow (U.P) India

Delegate: Dr . Shweta Kanchan

Affiliation: Shekhar hospital, Lucknow (U.P) India

Short Bio: I am a sleep specialist running sleep clinic at Shekhar hospital Lucknow . I have done MD in physiology along with PhD in sleep and neurophysiology. I am also a certified sleep specialist by the world sleep federation and hold RPSGT credentials

Activity: Conducted a sleep medicine awareness program for doctors of different medical speciality at Shekhar hospital,Lucknow . The topic for the activity was “Newer frontiers in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders” on 9/3/22.The program was widely appreciated

Location: Shekhar hospital , Lucknow (U.P)

Date of Activity: 9/3/22

Submitted by: Shweta Kanchan