India 2022: Dr.P.V.Radhika | Assistant Professor

Delegate: Dr.P.V.Radhika

Affiliation: Assistant Professor

Short Bio: This is Dr.P.V.Radhika,incidentally born on September 5th, the Birthday of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,Teacher's day, proudly claims to be named after him.
Rationally, I am an Intelligent student during my school and college days,though not a First ranker.
Few teachers during my study left a profounding impact on me, in both ways, but I learnt many Life lessons from them. Infact, as students we are fortunate enough to belong to that Golden period, which today's students are missing out.
The inherent bold qualities in me pushed me towards innumerable competitions and extracurricular activities, where I am the jack of all trades but master of few.
May be this, incidentally lead me to choose a flexible career path that allows me to focus on interpersonal relationships, communication skills, which are taught as Special, Magic subjects in today's curriculum.
After my Post Graduation, I am fortunate to be selected for M.Phil programme at Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad, under the able guidance of many eminent Professors like Late.Vithal Sir, Radhakrishna Sir, Haragopal Sir and many more. The much enriched Research experience and disciplined routine motivated me, to continue my Doctorate at CESS itself,under ICSSR, NewDelhi Fellowship. The journey with CESS, for 10 years boosted my confidence and I never stopped writing, in Research and Print Media, especially to The Hindu,Eenadu, HansIndia.
Now, writing Research articles has become my part of professional journey and also, I earned a good reputation as Faculty for Chartered Acconutants.
With due qualifications, I applied for APPSC Degree Lecturers Exam, to my pleasure, I was selected in both Written and Oral Interviews out of 2 lakh candidates.
In the Interview panel, APPSC Chairman encountered me with many challenging questions to which I answered confidentially. Finally, I was selected and posted at Pamarru Government Degree College.
To my credit, I did 8 Post Graduation degrees in Commerce, Management, Sociology,Psychology, Human Resources,Tourism and Travel Management, Education.
During my journey as student, I contributed nearly 100 articles, and as Faculty, I researched for more than 50 papers published, presented in conferences and seminars.
As Faculty, I teach for Rural student community, which is a bit challenging arena, we need to put lots of efforts to deal and motivate them. I can say that I succeeded to some extent, where students have become my dearest ones.

During the Pandemic also, they are in regular contact with me, through Whatsapp group, I am also pushing them towards Studies and other activities.
I am still passionate to learn and attended 70 webinars, one Orientation and one FDP programme.
Similarly, with due motivation from Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, I started a web platform, namely, TRUSHNA – the quest for knowledge, with participation from all sections of the society.
Another milestone in my career was Translation. I regularly translate World Theatre Day Messages, every March given in different world languages into our Mother tongue,Telugu by world eminent personalities. I feel proud that these messages were uploaded in the ITI, Shanghai website. I completed 6 years of my translated work. Now it is my pleasure to share that I entered into translation with MHRD -SWAYAM courses.
I am an active Public speaker, in few leading Television channels for debates,
I am also a Counseling Psychologist, who will counsel at Women Police Station, for Eveteasing and divorce cases.
I do not know to which stream I exactly perform well, but,whatever the work is, I perform it with Heart and Soul to enhance the quality of my work.
May be I am a Faculty, Counsellor,Public Speaker,Translator, Mentor, Coordinator, Freelance Content Writer, I always love to teach students and enrich our knowledge and experience, as a consistent Learner…
Since Learning is a continuous process that never ends……
Hope I am contributing my best to all.

Activity: A Cheerful Morning to all 🙏🙏
Health is Wealth….Originates from Quality Sleep…

Quite tricky… today many of us are leading our lives with out focus on Sleep issues.Researches proved that Irregular Sleep cycles may deteriorate our Health at a faster pace.

Just be aware of the importance of sleep in building our socio-cultural, environmental,Economical impact on the Nation’s productivity.

On the eve of World Sleep Day on March 18th, 2022, our prominent platform
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Best Wishes,

Location: Vijayawada, AndhraPradesh , Online

Date of Activity: 18thMarch, 2022

Submitted by: Dr.P.V.Radhika