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Delegate: Dr.D.C.Mathangi, Dr.Priscilla Johnson, Dr.Sabari Sridhar

Affiliation: Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

Short Bio: Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (Deemed to be University) was established by Sri Ramachandra Educational and Health Trust in the year 1985 as a private not-for-profit self-financing institution and dedicated to serve the society as a centre of excellence with emphasis on medical education, research and health care. Over three decades, the institute has transformed into a full-fledged Deemed to be University with 12 Constituent Colleges offering 152 UG and PG programs in health care sciences. SRIHER has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council during its 3rd cycle with the highest grade of A++ and as Category 1 University by the University Grants Commission. With commitment to society, SRIHER periodically conducts outreach program towards health and health education in the community. World Sleep Day 2021 is being organized jointly by the Departments of Physiology, Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences and Psychiatry.

Dr.D.C.Mathangi, Head, Dept of Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences, is a Medical Physiologist and a certified Life Coach. In addition to academic responsibilities in grooming the students, her research focus has been on Stress & Sleep evidenced through her extramural research projects, publications and awards.

Dr.Priscilla Johnson, Head, Department of Physiology, is a basic medical scientist who obtained her training as a medical physiologist at the prestigious Madras Medical College, Chennai. Her interests extends beyond academic teaching, to the field of Environmental Health Engineering. As a medical physiologist, she used to ponder on the structural and functional peculiarities of every organ in our body, the amazing way the lungs tackle the different environmental pollutants while breathing. This directed her focus towards air pollution related respiratory health outcomes and this culminated in her doctoral work in this field. She has been a part of the research team which is involved in sleep related research and heat stress related research serving as a co-investigator in national and international extra-mural research projects. She has several quality publications to her credit in the areas of respiratory physiology, environmental epidemiology and sleep physiology. She has a penchant for the health and wellbeing of women and children especially from the lower socioeconomic strata.

Dr.Sabari Sridhar, is Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry at SRIHER and contributes immensely in patient care.

Activity: Departments of Mind Body Medicine & Lifestyle Sciences, Physiology & Psychiatry of SRIHER organized sensitization programs and activities to instill the importance of sleep both among the students, staff of SRIHER and the General public.

These programs/activities includes the following

Oratorical competition (English) – with the theme “Good Sleep – a neglected necessity” which had active participation from the students of SRIHER.
Short Film contest – theme “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World” was conducted for faculty and students of SRIHER.
Prize was distributed for the winners.

SRIHER Youtube Live : is part of SRIHER outreach social media handle. We had a session to instill the importance of sleep
1. Tips for Good Sleep:
2. Sleep Disorders :
3. Stress & Sleep :
4. Sleep quality & Quantity :
5. Sleep disorders in the current time :

On the 18th of March, we conducted a continuing medical education session for the undergraduate medical students with a lecture highlighting the importance of sleep among adolescents. This was followed by an interactive panel discussion with the main focus on sleep among neonates and pediatric age, sleep among women in reproductive age, sleep in middle age, sleep in elderly with experts from pediatrics, general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology and psychiatry. Students made the session more interactive with their questions to the experts.

Report in detail:

Welcome Address: Dr.D.C.Mathangi, Professor & Head, Department of Mind Body Medicine & Life style Sciences, Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Allied Health Science delivered the welcome address. She imparted the importance of celebrating the world sleep day and stated that World Sleep Day is a global awareness act; that celebrates sleep, instills the importance of sleep and aims to take action on important issues pertaining to sleep.
Inaugural Address: Dr.S.Anandan, Dean, Sri Ramachandra Medial College & Research Institute congratulated the departments of Physiology, Mind Body Medicine & Life Style Sciences and Psychiatry for organising the inter departmental CME. He said the theme was very interesting as the physiological mechanisms associated with sleep are essential for normal homeostasis. He narrated his learning on one of his faculty’s PhD thesis co-relating sleep hygiene practice with psoriasis. The study had revealed that psoriasis has neuropsychiatric component with a positive correlation between lack of sleep and dermatological manifestations. He welcomed the guest speakers and appreciated the organizers for bringing together experts in the field of Pediatrics, Obstretics & Gynecology, General Medicine and Psychiatry for the panel discussion- Sleep across all ages.
Special Address: Dr.K.V.Somasundaram, Professor of Eminence & Academic Advisor, SRIHER appreciated the organizing committee for conducting the CME on the World Sleep Day. He mentioned that since the year 2008; 18th of March has been celebrated annually as the World Sleep day by the World Sleep Society and the theme for this year is Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World.

Following the special address, Dr.K.V.Somasundaram played the video and officially inaugurated the Youtube live streaming on the importance of sleep.

Prize Distribution: Preceding the World Sleep Day event; oratorical and short film competitions were conducted. The theme of the oratorical competition (English) was “Good Sleep – a neglected necessity” and that of short film competition was “Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World”. Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Principal, Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Allied Health Sciences) gave away the prizes to the winners.
First place in the oratorical competition (English) was awarded to Ms.Hema Joyce Rubina.S, 1st year student, B.Pharmacy. Second place in the oratorical competition (English) was awarded to Mr.R.Thanga kumaran, 3rd year student, M.Sc MRIT.

First place in the short film competition was awarded to Dr.Teena Lal, Dr.Suganya, Mrs.Lavanya Sekhar and Ms.Anin from the Department of Physiology.

Second place in the short film competition was awarded to Dr.Srihari, Dr.Manimegalai, Mrs.Nirmala and Mrs.Prabha from Allied Health Sciences

Vote of Thanks: Dr. Priscilla Johnson, Professor & Head, Department of Physiology, proposed the vote of thanks. She expressed her sincere gratitude towards the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, members of the management and Dean – medical college for their constant support towards all academic programs. She thanked the speakers for their valuable time and sharing their rich experience. She thanked the department of Mind Body Medicine and Psychiatry for their collaborative efforts in the interdepartmental CME. She acknowledged the members of the audio-visual team for their support in the successful conduct of this programme. She thanked the participants for their enthusiastic participation.
Topic Sleep in Adolescence
Scientific Session 1:

Dr.Sabari Sridhar O.T, Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, SRMC & RI enlightened the audience on the topic “Sleep in Adolescence”. He beautifully addressed the neurophysiology of sleep and stated that sleep helps to fuel not only the brain but also the body. He emphasized on numerous scientific research emphazing the importance of sleep in adolescence and concluded his speech with ways through which adolescent population can overcome various risk factors that could possibly deriorate the quality of sleep

Break and Refresh with Prize winning Short film :The short film that won the first place in the World sleep day- short film competition was played to the audience to refreshen their mood.

Scientific Session 2:
Panel Discussion Sleep across all ages

Dr.D.C.Mathangi, moderator of the panel discussion introduced the esteemed panelist Dr.Latha Ravichandran, Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, Dean (Education), SRMC & RI; Dr.Rajkumar, Prof. & Head, Dept. of General Medicine, SRMC & RI; Dr. S. Bhuvana, Associate Professor, Dept. of OBG, SRMC & RI and Dr.Natarajan S, Asst. Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, SRMC & RI.

Questions regarding very important day to day issues pertaining to sleep were raised by the moderator and the panelists explained in detail on the pathophysiology and the management options available for those day to day issues. Sleep disturbances encountered during the pediatric age group, adolescent, adult age group and those during pregnancy were discussed in detail. Participating undergraduate medical students too got their doubts cleared through their interaction with the panellists.

Link for the SRIHER Youtube Live which has been well received :
Tips for Good Sleep:
Sleep Disorders :
Stress & Sleep :
Sleep Quality & Quantity:
Sleep disorders in the current time:

The event was concluded with the national anthem.

Research Related to Sleep
• Successfully completed a research study to evaluate a structured yoga module for promoting sleep quality among working women
• Animal study to assess the importance of consistent physical activity in preventing damage due to sleep deprivation (proposed for this year)

Location: Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

Date of Activity: 18th March 2022

Submitted by: Dr.D.C.Mathangi