India 2022: Dr Arup Kumar Halder and Dr Dipankar Datta | Consultant in Institute of Sleep Sciences, Kolkata

Delegate: Dr Arup Kumar Halder and Dr Dipankar Datta

Affiliation: Consultant in Institute of Sleep Sciences, Kolkata

Short Bio: 1 Dr Arup Halder is a consultant Pulmonologist attached to Institute of Sleep Sciences, Kolkata and Woodlands Hospital. He has 18 publications in National and International journals. He is a content writer in World Sleep Academy, USA and member of World Sleep Society. He is a regular blogger in and has more than 22,000 readers accross the globe. He is a mentor of Clean Air Medical Student Ambassador Program by SwitchON Foundation. 

2. Dipankar Datta
Practising as *Consultant ENT and Sleep Apnoea Surgeon* for last 19 years in Bellevue Clinic and AMRI Hospital.
Runs his Sleep Disorder Clinic in *Bellevue* and *Institute of Sleep Science*
He is the *Founder of Society for Education and Research on Snoring and Sleep Apnoea*
He is a *Governing Body Member of IASSA*( Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnoea)
an *European Board Certified* Sleep Apnoea Surgeon

Activity: World Sleep Day Observation 2022

This year we observed World Sleep Day activity with programs organized on 16th and 17th March. The events were organized by Institute of Sleep Sciences, Kolkata. The main organizers were- Dr Arup Halder (Pulmo), Dr Dipankar Datta (ENT) and Dr Rajarshi Neogi (Psychiatry). Mr Somnath Maity, Director of Institute of Sleep Sciences was intimately associated with the activities.

1. On 16th March a seminar was organized on 'Update on Diagnostics and Therapeutics in OSA'. It was organized in Park Hotel Kolkata. The speakers were Dr Arup Halder and Dr Dipankar Datta. It was moderated by Dr Rajarshi Neogi. It was attended by 65 doctors of various fields and 20 technical person. It was a highly successful seminar with question and answer session extending upto an hour.

2. On 17th March a conclave was held on 'Quality Sleep, Sound Mind and Happy World '. It was done on same venue in the evening. The session was moderated by Senior Journalist Mr Jayanta Basu of Telegraph and main panelists were Dr Arup Halder, Dr Dipankar Datta and Dr Rajarshi Neogi. Senior doctors like Dr Dhiman Ganguly (Pulmo), Dr Debal Sen (Cardio) and Dr Biswajit Ghosh Dastidar (Diabetology) also joined the discussion. It was attended by 50 delegates. Few were doctors, others were Players, Diatecian, Police, Aviation industry people and Journalists. The program caught substantial attention of media and few links are provided below.

3. A lot of media interactions were done to raise awareness on sleep disorders, links are provided below




D. Facebook link for 17th March event:

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Date of Activity: 16th and 17th March 2022